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emete entertainment

We has been responsible for various brands and concepts in the live entertainment industry for over ten years. Emeteentertainment invents, creates, produces and promotes the ultimate experience. We always approach our events, as ‘experience architects’, through the eyes of the visitor.

Emeteentertainment uses music to bring people together. We work with the best artists, locations/clubs and creatives to organize the most phenomenal festivals and club nights.

As the market leader among youth events and initiator of the largest dance festival, Emeteentertainment has grown into an important player in the world of entertainment & events.

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Nov, 2023

NVIIRI Australia Tour Brisbvne

Brisbvne November 25, 2023 17:00-December 25, 2024 15:30
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Nov, 2023

NVIIRI Australia Tour Perth

Perth November 24, 2023 17:00-December 24, 2024 15:30
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Nov, 2023

NVIIRI Australia Tour Vdelvide

Vdelvide November 19, 2023 17:00-November 19, 2024 03:30
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Nov, 2023

NVIIRI Australia Tour Sydney

Sydney November 18, 2023 17:00-November 18, 2024 03:30
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